Red Painted Stools

Red Stools - After -

Its so funny what a little paint can do isn’t it?

I have had these cute perfect little stools for some time now, they have survived 2 moves and a kitchen reno, they are comfy and the perfect height. But they were a bit blah don’t you think? I decided it was time to have some painted stools in the house!

 Front Porch Mercantile.comBEFORE RED STOOLS

They were “bugging” me

(almost as much as the blurry picture – sorry)

So, I did what any normal paint nerd would do.

While  chopping veggies for spaghetti sauce one night I popped them on the counter and painted them

Right there..right then.

My family is used to this – no questions are asked when they come home and vegetables are piled up on one side of the sink, wet paint brushes on the other and old red stools on the counter

How to Paint Stools

They don’t even notice anymore – ha

I wanted red stools. Red Barchetta from FAT Paint was it.

I wiped the stools down (I may or may not have used the kitchen dish cloth – I will never tell)

I slapped on the paint – literally – I’m a messy painter, I like quick and fast paint jobs

After one coat the black was showing through, but I liked it, so I impatiently waited for 15 minutes (and chopped some veggies for my sauce) and applied a second light coat and voila!

Red painted stools!

I waxed them with 2 coats of clear wax and then buffed them to put a bit of a shine

Awhile later, my family ate spaghetti sauce sitting on 2 new red stools…they may or may not have even noticed they were red, and they may or may not have noticed the spaghetti sauce full of veggies!

(Not the most observant group here – sorry guys – I luv’s ya)

I think they pop now – my 2 new red painted stools!

After - Red Stools -

I did these stools awhile ago and am just now getting to posting about them, they get A LOT of wear and the paint holds up perfect as does the wax! What do you think? Like the red?

Red Stools - After -


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Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle

Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle



  1. Lise

    Love that you did the painting while making spaghetti sauce, speaks to the ” multi-tasker” in me. That they were ready in time for the family to sit on the to eat speaks to my sense of getting great results in a short time. They look great!

  2. Julianne

    Nice pop of red! The chairs look fabulous and really cheer up the space. Very interesting that you found your inspiration while cooking with spaghetti sauce, lol. Love it! :0)

  3. Lesley

    Hi Wendy, I have those stools as well. They might need a color change to? Very nice cousin

  4. Elle

    they really look great in red! Such an inviting little space in your kitchen!

  5. Sue at Blu

    Love the red! Great choice. I am every impressed with the beautiful shine. I usually, being in “mass Production” mode, skip the wax and use poly. Thanks for giving me the itch to buff something for my house!

    • Wendy

      Hi Sue, I have to admit I think the poly sometimes would be easier, but the wax took very little time on these, and I’m impatient and not “perfect” about it, so you could probably get away with a “quick” wax for your items in the shop. They are “buttery smooth” which I like, can’t get that with poly :)

  6. JannYvette

    Wow Wendy,
    Stools look great! Want to send congrats on your blog look, Facebook group, store. You are one busy and talented Maven. I am looking forward to reading all your posts and Purdy pictures you share. Wishing all the best and much success! Maybe one day we can hook up our blogs together for somethin’ special.

    • Wendy

      Oh Jann, thank you so much for the compliments, YOU are my inspiration, and your new blog look is fab I would LOVE to do something together – we shall chat! xx

  7. Karen

    Love the stools…great blog, can’t wait to read more!

    • Wendy

      Thanks Karen!

  8. Colette

    They look great! Where on earth did you find those corbels? I have been looking for those for over a year and it seems that Home Depot in Moncton never has them.

    • Wendy

      Hi Colette, so looking forward to meeting you! I had these made when I had mu kitchen done, they actually do not do this type of work anymore but I will see what I can do (are you looking for 2?)

      • Colette

        No it’s fine, I just thought maybe you had picked them up at a local store. I see them so often on other blogs YHL, The Lettered Cottage and I just love them. I might be able to get someone to make me a few…thanks anyway though, so nice of you to offer!

  9. Crystal

    You’re a gal after my own heart — I love quick and easy projects, too! Can’t wait to read and share your blog and try some of your projects :) and to think you are making this happen in our beautiful province — Kudos to you!