John and Wendy from Front Porch Lifestyle living  a creative life by the sea

So we ran away from home in our 50’s…

That’s just the middle bit..there’s lots more to share.

We are dreamers and doers who are trying to build a life by design not default.
Intentionally curating a life less ordinary.
A life we love. A life inspired.

There’s lots more to share – about how we ended up here in a wee crooked cottage by the sea, living fully, curating a life and business by design…not default. Running our creative businesses and living an imperfectly messy but happy life.

In a nutshell –

Wendy is a champion of small business owners and business coach to hundreds of independent shop owners, helping them go from messy to thriving so they can live their dream business.

John is aka the East Coast Photo Guy – capturing the natural beauty of the East Coast and more with beautiful photography and also via the sky, as a licensed drone pilot. John’s photography and products can be found soon in our shop and at many local retail locations.

Together – we are DIYing an old cottage, adventuring locally and around the globe, exploring new ways to seek joy and live life fully and imperfectly trying to blog and run our creative businesses!

Thanks for hanging out. We’ll share more soon…

About the blog..

We write this blog hoping to inspire and encourage others!

We’ve been sharing creative and DIY projects, our journey as store owners and DIYers since 2012 with a break over the last few years. We believe in imperfect and real. There’s no endless budget to our life and adventures – we make lots of mistakes, have imperfect pictures, and share a lot of real life.

We’re excited to revive our blog and start sharing inspiration again as we try to curate and live a healthy, happy, and inspired life – with DIY, travel, the self-employed life, business and adventures, and more with you. We love hearing from you – follow us on IG and connect!

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