Fusion Merchant Training

Fusion Mineral Paint Merchant Training!

Oh my, how I’m loving our new Fusion Mineral Paint! Seriously everyone. It’s awesome! As many of you know I just spent a few days in Toronto on a whirlwind weekend of painting fun. I was lucky to be part of the very first North American Fusion Merchant training and then the rest of the…


Oh my, how I’m loving our new Fusion Mineral Paint!

Seriously everyone. It’s awesome! As many of you know I just spent a few days in Toronto on a whirlwind weekend of painting fun. I was lucky to be part of the very first North American Fusion Merchant training and then the rest of the weekend was spent with Miss Mustard Seed and other retailers at The Toronto Fall Home Show (more on that part in another post)!

If you are visiting because you LOVED the metallic kitchen cabinet painting – SEE THAT FULL POST HERE!

Fusion Mineral Paint is amazing. Fusion™ is unlike any other paint on the market! Easy to apply and self-levelling, Fusion™ requires minimal prep work, no finishing coat, waxing or ongoing maintenance! Swoon…we love it!

Fusion™ Mineral Paint

I spent my first day in Toronto at Homestead House with other wonderful retailers from all over Australia, the US and Canada, learning all the special ins and outs of the Fusion ™ Mineral Paint products!  It was so wonderful to be there with so many fabulous and inspiring retailers. I have to admit, I just love spending time with these ladies (and men) that I admire and talk to online all the time. The makers of Fusion (Homestead House) are just so incredible. A very successful family run business that I’m so happy to be part of.

My friend and roomie Nichole from Cedar Lane Home and Gift picked me up and the airport and we headed to Homestead House. We had both been up since 4 am so we were a little wonky. We may or may not have arrived an hour early by mistake. We will never tell.

Cedar Lane Home and Gifts at Homestead House

I LOVE that Fusion is Made in Canada, right in downtown Toronto. Love that!

(Did you know they also make our Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint too?) Told you I loved this company!

All set up for a day of training!

Homestead House for Fusion™ Mineral Paint

We were so fortunate to be taught by the amazing President of Homestead House Jennylyn Pringle she created Fusion from the lab to the marketing to wording on the labels. To say she is hands-on with every aspect would be an understatement. To say she is an awesome person, would also be an understatement. Happy to call her a good friend!

We also had the super talented Marti Caroll from the Bayou Bungalow – such talented women!

Fusion Mineral Paint Training

We worked with most of the Fusion line of products including Fusion Transfer Gel, Sandstone Medium and Pearl Embossing  Paste, Gilding Pastes, and Tinting Kit just to name a few. You are going to love these products and all the creative ways you can use them!

Marti really gets into her projects and her teaching!

Marti Caroll from Bayou Bungalow

So many options.

Love the Transfer Gel -Clear, quick-drying with a matte finish, ideal for transferring printed images onto wood, paper or other non-oily or greasy, porous surfaces – so many ideas here! I forgot to get a finished picture, I was that excited!

Fusion™ Transfer Gel at Front Porch Mercantile.com

The Fusion™ Tints are so fun, they are water-based, highly pigmented iridescent colours used for tinting other Fusion™ Products. These tints can be mixed with Fusion™ Sand Stone and Smooth Embossing Paste to produce beautifully textured finishes.  Which we did – so fun! Fusion™ Tinting Kit may also be used straight from the bottle for stencilling, murals, and floorcloths, painting etc. The tints will be available in Metallic Copper, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Pale Gold, Iridescent Pearl and Metallic Silver.

Check out this kitchen cabinet given a modern makeover using Metallic Silver with a few other easy techniques!

Fusion Mineral Paint on cabinets Front Porch Mercantile

HOW TO can be found HERE

Kitchen cabinet update with Fusion™ Mineral Paint

We played with Sandstone Texture and Pearl Embossing Cream and stencils

Fusion™ Sandstone Texture

Fusion™ Mineral Paint

So many other products and the paints, oh my, the paints! So fabulous. No priming, no TOP COAT, excellent coverage! Want a top coat for extra coverage, use the Tough Coat! Such great products. Love them all

I must admit these are were products I have never worked with before, I was intimidated about what and how I would use these, but now I am full of creative ideas. These are wonderful high-quality products and we are going to have fun showing you how you can use them!

We played with Fusion Gilding Paste which is a high viscosity sunflower oil saturated with pigment. It comes in  4 beautiful metallic colours; Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pale Gold, Metallic Silver, and two accent colours; Antiquing and White, and if you have ever worked with Gilding Paste before you know they usually have a strong smell – these have no smell and are so easy to use – LOVE THEM!

Gilding Pastes - Fusion Mineral Paints and Front Porch Mercantile

Lots of options and looks can be achieved.

Cool Fusion™ Mineral Paint Frontporchmercantile.com

We did paint too – LOVE this paint (and the brushes – swoon) This paint is amazing!

Fusion™ Mineral Paint

It was a great day of training, with lots of info, lots of inspiration, lots of laughs and lots of new friends!

Laura from The Ironstone Nest and Joanne from Muddarittaville, two ladies I admire and have been chatting and working with for years, was so wonderful to finally hug their necks and meet them in person!

The Ironstone Nest and Muddaritaville having fun with Fusion™ Mineral Paint Front Porch Mercantil

Aren’t they just adorable? Love you ladies!!

Wish I had gotten pictures with everyone, loved these inspiring women!

Fusion™ Mineral Paint creator Jennylyn Pringle with Wendy from Front Porch Mercantile

It was a great and inspiring day! We are still training and learning and it’s just so exciting!

Fusion Merchant Training

Can’t wait to show you all the fun and creative things YOU can do with our Fusion Mineral Paint line of products!



I am pretty excited and honoured to announce that I have been asked to be a Fusion regional Merchant Trainer for East Coast Canada – I will be sharing and training our other fabulous East Coast retailers. If you are a retailer in East Coast Canada (or anywhere else) and would like to carry this amazing product – drop me a line. I’d love to have a chat with you!

Thanks for the awesome day Homestead House and Fusion merchants!


*This blog post was updated in September 2021. Front Porch Mercantile is no longer a physical retail store and has grown into Front Porch Lifestyle. Now Wendy offers her services as a business coach to other creatives while continuing a blog more focused on living a creative life.






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  1. Great post Wendy! I’m sure you know that I’m dying to try this paint! What a great opportunity to meet and work with all of those talented people!
    Listen, I gotta be honest here…I love my job, but I love your job too! Layla’s t-shirt line says it best “don’t quit your daydream”. You’re my inspiration…xox

  2. Loved loved loved this blog…and me too…can’t wait to get my hands on all this Fusion goodness! Could you tell me who are the Australian contacts? as I hope to get some product in November to start getting creative. Thank you ! Narelle

  3. Are you able to share your technique & steps on how to achieve the modern cabinet door makeover above (using the metallic silver)? It looks awesome!

    1. Hi, thank you for the kind words, I will be doing a full blog post on that soon, keep watching, hopefully it will be live in a few weeks :)

      1. Hi I’ve just stumbled on you posts.can you tell me how to see the silver metallic paint you are talking about. I would like to try it ☺☺I don’t know how to receive your response on this site. Would u possibly email me @ [email protected] .. Thanks

  4. hi, I sure could use some help. I want to paint old kitchen cabinets and I want to use fusion. I would love to do them in a mint green. How to mix to get the color and what kind of coating to use at end? Thank you. I love the look of that cabinet front but I want the mint green.

    1. Hi Teresa, we do have a colour Lily Pond that is a lovely mint green colour. You can leave them natural withot a top coat as Fusion has a beautiful finish, or you can use a clear coat on top called Tough Coat or we have other choices. Come in and see us, we are open 11-3 Wednesday to Saturday :)

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