see how we updated our cottage master bedroom on a budget with paint and imagination
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Cottage Master Bedroom Reno Before/After on a budget

Want to see our cottage master bedroom update? It’s a teeny tiny room but its comfy and has an amazing view. It’s totally not fancy pants. But thats how we roll. A lot of you know we renovated the cottage by the sea last Spring.  I guess summer came and went last year and it…


Want to see our cottage master bedroom update? It’s a teeny tiny room but its comfy and has an amazing view. It’s totally not fancy pants. But thats how we roll.

see how we updated our cottage master bedroom on a budget with paint and imagination

A lot of you know we renovated the cottage by the sea last Spring.  I guess summer came and went last year and it I didn’t have time to share.  Oops. We have been crazy busy at the shop lately (thanks to many of you crazy creative customers!) so as always I am a little behind on the blog sharing. How I roll people…how I roll.

I have been super hesitant to share more posts about our little sea side cottage, it’s not fancy, no big budgets, no designer anything.  Not professionally staged and photographed. Just some dreams, some elbow grease, some hard work, some up cycling and imagination, we are really just Chip and Joanna wanna be’s with big dreams, a fixer upper and almost no budget. Everyone has been asking me to post more (bless you all, you are so sweet and kind) so, Ill be doing some individual room posts. Maybe. Probably. I’ll try ;)

We stuck to our budget and fully furnished and decorated and outfitter the cottage by the sea for under $3,000. Say whaaa? Yup, fully furnished, decorated and renovated under 3000.00, to some that sounds easy – it was not – to some it sounds impossible – it’s not. We bought all new bedding, linen, towels, kitchen supplies (plates, cutting boards, utensils), we bought new Ikea lighting and mats, we bought some vintage pieces at antique stores  yard sales, we only had to buy one new bed, as we had family downsizing with like new beds, we used family pieces that I had been saving lovingly  hoarding for some time. My grandmothers antique dining room table, some dressers etc. and we painted…A LOT! Like A LOT A LOT!! A LOT!

Many of you know I am not a fan of crazy colour, except on my adirondack chairs, I like clean, lights and neutrals, coastal farmhouse, etc, that is not to say I don’t like colour. One of the previous owner was an artist, then a (now new) friend bought it and she liked colour too, all good, just not my taste, k?  I’m a “to each their own” kind of girl,whatever gives you joy my friends, many of you like colour and gave me heck for painting, but it’s my cottage, so, um it’s light and neutral. Ok. Here goes.Most of the house was in these colourful hues.

Here’s the bedroom before:

a colourful cottage master bedroom before

before cottage master bedroom update

Master Bedroom Before

Colourful right?

We don’t have a lot of pictures of the rest of the room before. Again, lots of colour, not my thing.

Here’s the after.

Master Bedroom renovation at our cottage by the sea

Confession time. I know I need to get better at photography. I have just signed up for this course.

I also have a hubby that is a photographer, but I am super impatient. I literally just snapped these pictures before we left the last time we were down. It’s been an ongoing struggle I need  to work on. But, done is better than perfect, and well, here they are.

Master Bedroom at our cottage by the sea

Super inexpensive room to re love.

We painted the walls, hung Ikea curtains and rods (side note, I had lovely long curtains in here, I know these are short, but we have big dogs, they don’t understand curtains puddling on the floor, its a small room, the dogs are big, the long curtains lasted about 2 weeks and I had to go short, real life people…real life) we had the beautiful McKaskill print of the iconic Nova Scotia Blue Nose, the wooden shelf over the bed was a garage sale find I painted quickly dry brushed with Fusion Mineral Paint Casement. The bed frame and footboard were also painted with Casement. The SAIL pillow was a Homsense find, Ikea duvet and bedding. The bed was almost new and in my moms guest room, they were downsizing and it needed a new home (win win). We wanted a queen bed, however our stairwell would not allow for a queen mattress though – the joys of an old house.

I bought 2 metal end tables at Wicker Emporium on clearance. The 2 white bedside lights are from Ikea.

the closet door got a fancy pants makeover – see that here.


Updated Cottage Master Bedroom


Pretty driftwood sailboat from our friends at Down Home Living in Lunenburg, boxwood wreath from Target, small red lantern $2 from Superstore.

Red Dresser Front Porch Mercanttile

A favourite family heirloom piece was painted up with some Tricycle Milk Paint. See before and after here.

The float balls were from my Grandmothers cottage, the white pitcher is from my shop and the clock from a garage sale. The photography is from Mr FPM. He’s pretty talented (yes I know I should get him to do my inside shots) he’s amazing at and loves nature photography. This is a picture taken from the end of our driveway here at the cottage on a very still, quiet foggy morning, the fisherman were gathering seaweed. You could hear them quietly talking and dipping their poles in the water. Every time I look at this photo it brings great peace and calm to me. (copies are available for sale if interested) you can also soon find his photography at Mom’s Buy and Sell in Lunenburg.

Cottage renovation - master bedroom completed on budget

Ok, remember this door?

a colourful cottage master bedroom before

Here’s the after. Just a little primer and paint.


The after master bedroom door

The wall colour is supposed to be Benjamin Moore Sea Foam, but it was mis tinted, so, um I have no idea how to copy it. The trim is just BM white semi gloss from the can. Original.

It’s not big, or fancy but its clean, and pretty and really comfy.

FAT Painted mirror in the cottage master bedroom

Vintage mirror from my moms basement with creepy old pictures of relatives. Re loved with FAT Paint’s Red Barchetta.

We are saving up and hoping to have larger windows put in this room and my office/den (I’ll show you that room soon) the view out this window is amazing. You can lie in bed and watch the sun rise over the ocean, or the milky way at night. Ya, its kinda awesome. Again, its just simple, not lavish or fancy but we like simple.

I hope I’ve inspired you a bit to dream and go after it, to change up a room you may not totally love. Paint and a few up cycled ideas can go a long way to making your visions come to life.

Thanks for popping in my friends, I truly love when you leave a comment. Let me know what you’d like me to share if anything, what inspires you, whats your dream project?

Have a beautiful inspired day my friends!




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  1. Great makeover!!! Absolutely love the photo taken by Mr. FPM of the seaweed harvesters.

    On a completely different note, do you have anyexperience using chalk paint on old split ash baskets? Good idea or not?

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you so much I love that photo too and yes I have used FAT Paint and milk paint on old split baskets, works beautifully. :)

  2. thanks for keeping it real. really real. Don’t ya hate the high/low magazine articles? they should be called high & higher!! my husband and I have an expression “more money than brains”. We did our cottage on a bigger budget. all total about $5000! including 2 new queen size mattresses.
    I have already show hubby photos of your place and told him this is where we are staying on our first ever visit ‘down east’.
    well done. it is beautiful.

  3. Great work girlie! I love the red mirror. And I was surprised how much more you could see the door trim once it was white. I love that you do this. And enjoy your Chip and Jo book when it gets there. Saw that post on FB this am.
    The Other Marian

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