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Metallic Kitchen Cabinet how to Front Porch Mercantile

One of my most pinned items on Pinterest is of a Metallic Kitchen Cabinet I painted. Followed by a deer head. Two very different looks, but what can I say. Thats what you seem to like folks. I did the metallic cabinet originally at Fusion Training and posted a picture. I have never done a how to but have had a bazillion requests for one (ok, not a bazillion but close). So here you go you crazy metallic paint peeps… a how to paint metallic looking cabinets. metallickitchencabinethowto

This is an easy process. What? Easy? Yes. A kitchen cabinet that looks this fab and is easy.

I will post a complete tips guide for cabinet painting soon, but for this how to I will share the technique I used to create this look.

I started with a cabinet door, you could use any wood stained, painted or MDF kitchen cabinet door.

Cabinet Door Before

This particular door is wood with a poly type finish. Shiny and hard.

I started by first scuff sanding the door, using a med grit sanding sponge giving it an all over good scuff. Then a very good cleaning using a degreaser and rinse twice. I don’t have a picture of that, but you can see how I prep furniture here.

Once dried thoroughly use Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip as your first coat. One coat and wait 12 hours before painting. Fusion Ultra Grip dries clear.

Fusion Ultra Grip


I then used 1 cost of Fusion Mineral Paint’s Collection Silver Metallic Paint all over. It has incredible coverage. I’ve used other metallic paints before and have never been overly impressed. I love using these metallics.

Matthew Mead Metallic Collection


Metallic Kitchen Cabinet

For the second coat, we used Brushed Steel. I am in LOVE with this colour. Like big heart over the moon in love with this. I thought it would be silver like – but it’s not. It reminds me of galvanized metal look, but not rough. This quick picture shows the Brushed Steel over Silver.

Brushed Steel over Silver

You could skip the Silver step and just do 2 coats of Brushed Steel or two coats of Silver, it really is up to you. I like the layered look of both colours.

The next step is to do a wash with Ash Fusion Mineral Paint. For a wash, I used 25% water, 75% paint. Do each cabinet individually, paint on the wash, then wipe it back with cheesecloth or clean lint free rag. The secret to a nice wash is to go in one direction with your rag, you need to work quickly and confidently in this step as your paint will start to dry.

Metallic Cabinet Painting - wash over metallics

Metallic Cabinet Painting - how to wash

Practice a little before you work on your cabinets. I usually do one sample on a pice of scrap wood. This helps you get your paint groove on and a feel for the depth of colour you want. It looks messy and it is but its not difficult. Have lots of cheesecloth or rags ready to go.

You can leave your cabinets at this stage, Fusion has a built in top coat and is a super strong once cured. If you want additional protection, you can use Fusion Tough Coat or any clear top coat of your choice.

Metallic Kitchen Cabinet


There you have it.

A cool metallic kitchen cabinet door. You can of course copy this finish on any furniture piece.

Metallic Kitchen Cabinet

Fun right?

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Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle

Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle



  1. Sue at Blu

    Simply stunning! A must try!

  2. Janna Cody

    Where do I find this paint? I love it. I live in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area. I am looking for the Metallics paint by Matthew Mead. I went to a local store in Stillwater,MN they had the FAT paints but no Metallic paint. Can I order the paint?
    Thanks Janna Cody

    • The Front Porch Mercantile

      Hi Janna, thank you for your comments, I cannot ship the Fusion Mineral Paint to the US, but you can check the retailer map on Fusion Mineral Paint to find a local retailer.