Sea Salt Crusty Look With Extra FAT

5 EASY steps to a sea salt vintage look with FAT Paint

Have you heard about our Extra FAT? Its a fabulous product we have been carrying for some time and gives a lovely texture to your paint. I’ve had a lot of customers come in lately looking for a crusty worn sea salt look, or an aged or rough textured look, authentic time and age worn look on new wood. I spend 50% of my time living in an itty bitty fishing village right on the ocean (true story) one of the things I love here is the chippy, aged awesome look of the boats, houses, furniture pieces etc. Its so beautiful so I get why everyone else wants to “fake” it. Extra FAT from The FAT Paint Company (makers of my favourite chalk style), is my favourite go to to get the textured embossed, sea salt crusty, vintage authentic look.  It’s all the rage and just one of the looks you can get with our Extra FAT.


Extra FAT is made by The FAT Paint Company and is simply a easy and safe to use powder that you add to ANY paint. I’ve used it with FAT Paint, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and with Fusion Mineral Paint so far,  however, you can add it to ANY paint you may be using.

Its so easy to use. And safe. No chemicals or yucky additives and its made in Canada and available all across North America from your local FAT Paint retailers.

You simply apply your mixture to any surface you would like to achieve an authentic time worn look, it will look weathered from years on the sea coast.

It only takes a few steps and you have a beautiful “new” aged piece with a genuine aged patina.. Easy and fun in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look.

5 EASY steps to a sea salt vintage look with FAT Paint



Getting the Sea Salt Crusty or Vintage look is easy

Step 1

Mix your paint with your Extra FAT. Put your paint into a container and add Extra FAT one scoop at a time. Blend and mix until the mixture becomes thick like pancake batter ish. Its ok to leave chunks of unmixed powder, that just adds to the fun. See….easy.

Extra FAT is easy to mix to make a salt wash

Mixing Extra FAT to make a salt wash


Step 2

Use your mixture and paint your piece. Be sure to properly prep your piece first, you can see how to prep here. Its quick and easy but don’t skip prepping a piece – ever.

Apply Extra FAT to your piece in a thick first coat to make a salt wash - very interesting technique

Step 3

Once your first coat is on, let it dry to tacky, then take a dry brush and drag it across the paint. This will give you a textured “pull” and peaks and valleys. Sounds weird, but its easy and kinda fun.

Extra FAT being knocked back to create a crusty vintage salt wash kind of look - this is awesome with layered colours

Step 4

Let your first layer fully dry – depending on the paint you use, if using FAT Paint it should only take a half hour or so. (also depends on how thick you put your layer on).

Extra FAT layering paint is easy, dry brush it on to create cool layered looks for a salt wash and vintage look

Once fully dry, add a second coat if desired for a layered look. You can add a second coat by dry brushing or as a full coat.

Step 5

See…this is SO easy. Once fully dry sand lightly to bring out the peaks and valleys and layers of colour, top coat with your favourite FAT wax or FAT glaze (glaze LOVES crusty finishes – it sits in the crevices and looks fantastic). Dark waxes also look amazing on Extra FAT painted pieces.

Sanding your Extra FAT piece for the aged look

Thats it.

You are done, layers of old chippy aged finish with a great salty beachy look. Easy.

Extra FAT gives a salt wash look and authentic vintage look so cool

Use the Fat Paint company glaze to add patina to your salt wash piece

(yes, I am working on a lobster trap, yes, I told you, I really live in a fishing village part time and a lobster trap is my outside table) ;)

That is just one look you can get with EXTRA FAT, other awesome things you can do with it:

  • Use with a stencil for a beautiful raised/embossed finish
  • Trowel it on a piece to give an authentic plaster look (try it on terra cotta pots etc)
  • Add texture to any painted piece and more

Have some fun with Extra FAT. Try it out, come on into Front Porch Mercantile  or your local FAT Paint Retailer and check it out.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this cool crusty – textured – aged look, I love to hear from you.

If you would like me to offer a workshop on this technique leave me a note and I will schedule one in if there is interest in a techniques class.

Thanks for popping in,



get a cool sea salt crusty vintage look with EXTRA Fat









Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle

Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle


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