Finding Joy in Finishing Projects

This month, John and I have decided to be intentional about finding some joy in “finishing” some projects around the house. I get the “February blues” and I’m hearing lots of others feeling “blah” so l’m starting a “February 4×4 FUN challenge” to lift our spirits!

You can join us too, or do this any time! It’s about feeling GOOD about getting little projects DONE and feeling good about doing FUN things on our “we should do this fun thing…” list.

Here’s what we’re doing to be intentional this month (and get some things done) and how you can join in:

  • Pick 4 projects in our house that we want to FINISH or REFRESH or DO! These projects should be no more than 1-2 hours (so they are doable). Maybe it’s decluttering, finish painting, sorting something, a project you can be putting off, etc. Pick something that when it’s done you will FEEL GREAT and will make you smile and high-five yourself! There’s some great endorphins created when you get something finished!


  • Think of 4 adventures/fun things that we’ve said we wanted to do this winter and haven’t made time for yet! This could be a hike to a certain place, skating, knitting a blanket, doing a puzzle, visiting a certain person or place, calling that friend… etc. SOMETHING FUN that would make you FEEL GREAT after you do it, and something to look forward to each week!

We’re going to be intentional about doing 1 little project and 1 adventure/fun thing a week this month!

Here’s what I am “thinking” we will work on:

  1. Fix/rewire the chandelier I bought in Italy in 2018.
  2. Paint new closet door I’m staring at every night.
  3. Clean my studio space (creativity is at this point a super hot mess)
  4. Originally – paint my backsplash, but decided to work on changing out our door from the house to the sunroom (it’s been 2 years of wanting this done).

That’s me and my 7 euro chandelier I found while out thrifting in Tuscany during a creative retreat. It’s time to gt that hung up in a room here in the cottage, don’t you think?!

Also in this picture (because someone will ask) are – on the far left – the amazing creative Sherri Blum of Sherri Blum Designs and – in the middle – Dana Wall from The Inspired Tourist who organizes the est and most inspiring retreats; ones that help inspire you to take time to slow down and lean into the world around you, and to discover things that lifht you up (you can see why we love Dana and will be sharing more of her here on the blog).

Okay… back to the challenge…

Our adventure/fun plan:

  1. Call a friend for lunch
  2. Hike a new trail
  3. Winter picnic
  4. Winter bomb fire

East Coast Photo Guy (aka as John, Mr. FPM, my hubby) making the most of winter days around here! Be sure to follow his photography business on Facebook!

I’ll share our little projects and fun plans every week on our FB page and will do a recap blog post here!

Tag us at Front Porch Lifestyle over on Instagram if you want to share a project = #FPM4x4

Let’s beat those February blues and have some FUN!

What will you do this month to beat the February blues?

Want to join us? 4 projects and 4 fun things? Let us know HERE on this FB post.

Let’s go!


Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle

Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle



  1. Melanie Tobin

    Hi there .. we purchased our home a year ago and need to do some touch ups on the interior doors that I believe are painted with fusion paint … I wonder if you would have the color im looking for!

    Would love to hear back from you .. thanks in advance ☺


    • Front Porch Mercantile

      Hi Melanie, we no longer carry a paint line, you can check your nearest Fusion retailer online (if you are in Moncton, it’s The Painted Pineapple). Happy painting. Wendy