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Eek!! My first blog post! I probably should not have started with eek when I start a blog. But that’s kinda how I feel. And I’m a complete newbie so I hope I get a free pass Did you know… There is a VAST difference between being a READER of blogs and being a BLOGGER? I’ve…



My first blog post! I probably should not have started with eek when I start a blog.

But that’s kinda how I feel.

And I’m a complete newbie so I hope I get a free pass

Did you know…

There is a VAST difference between being a READER of blogs and being a BLOGGER?

I’ve been addicted to following blogs for some time. I kinda blame it all on Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chic. She just got me hooked.

Then came Marian, and so many more!

They are my friends. (Ok not really REAL friends, but I know we would be friends and I like to think we are so ok….moving on)

Let’s just say I love blogs and their writers. And read blogs for inspiration.

I love how creative these ladies and men are, how helpful they are to others, how they open themselves up, make me laugh, and feel empowered to do anything, to be ok with being creative, to think outside the box, and to do/be whatever I want.

This brings me to 2 weird and serendipitous happenings.


I was looking for a part-time job to change things up from my job as office manager and bookkeeper for our home base business. I made the decision to pursue my love of all things painted, and vintage and reloved, along with my entrepreneurial side and pursue a creative hobby business.  Slowly, I am going to work at selling my painted wares through consignments and at the occasional vintage flea market (which currently does not happen here in my area but that’s a minor obstacle right?).

I put myself out there and told a few people and decided I would slowly work my way through the pile of “finds” I have in my garage and basement.

Maybe I’ll sell a few, maybe I won’t. But I am going to try. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but nothing ventured and all. Maybe I’d blog about it. Maybe.


A couple of days later I saw a post (in a blog of course) about an awesome blogger conference that all my “friends” were going to be hanging out. All the sponsors were all from my favorite brands I use AND I was feeling like I need more knowledge about some of these products so I was hooked.

And before I knew it…I very boldly posted that I was looking for a ticket.

I told myself this is nuts.

The tickets are sold out.

It’s 2000 miles away.

In a different country.

With people that will be there that I REALLY admire.

I don’t blog.

I am insane.

It was the last day possible for trades.

I can’t afford this.

Get out the straight jacket. I am insane.

I don’t do this type of thing.

But, then I got a ticket.

And I’m going to Haven. In Atlanta.

Um, yah?

Crazy right?

(everyone that’s going to Haven and happens to read this is now making a note to stay away from the crazy Canadian) It’s ok. I am a little nuts I think.

 I told my extremely supportive husband (love you, honey)

And he laughed and said have fun, he already knows I’m a little crazy


THIS meant I would have to stop TALKING about doing a blog, “maybe someday”  and actually START a blog.

And I only had 2 weeks to do it.

To learn about blogging from scratch.

And I know nothing.

 I need a host what? A domain name? WHAT?

There is an incredible amount of things to learn.

Starting a blog and going to a blog conference, yet another thing very out of my comfort zone.

Who is going to read a blog written by me? Maybe someone will, maybe not, again, nothing ventured nothing gained!

So – I’m going to get the basics down, grab a note pad and head to Atlanta to get inspired from the best of the best and hope these creative supportive bloggers “get” me

They will probably laugh hysterically at me be polite and helpful, but I’m sure they will think I’m nuts too.

Pass the wine…this is going to be a scary ride.

This is probably NOT the way to start a blog

So, um, yah, EEK


This blog post was updated on the 1st of September 2021. If you’re wondering how the Haven conference went, check out the Haven High blog post.


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  1. Congrats on your first post…I have come to the conclusion that being nuts is normal as there are more of us nuts out there than not.
    Enjoy the conference and have LOADS of fun. Can’t wait to read all about it!!

  2. YEAHHH… I am so happy that 1.you are blogging and 2. I am the first to comment;) you are going to do awesome at this stuff. You are super talented and need to share your gifts. Have fun at the conference…

  3. Who’s going to read a blog written by you? ME!! Be scared, jump in, have fun. That’s what life’s all about. Have a FABULOUS time at Haven. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. Got such a kick out of your post! My little tidbit of advice: enjoy the ride, take in the sights, follow your instinct!!!

  5. Congrats Wendy……I know you will have success at whatever you try! You are an inspiration…..can’t wait to hear about the conference! Have fun!!

  6. Confession #1: I read a lot of blogs too and consider ALL bloggers my BEST friends. Hoping you’ll be my friend too! :)
    Confession #2: I dearly want to be a blogger! It seems like a cool gig and I wanna be one of those cool people who create neat stuff and hang out on the web and at blogging conferences. You inspire me!
    So, HI-FIVE to you! You did it! I might too. Someday. But I don’t know that I’ll buy a ticket to Haven first – or do you highly recommend that?
    P.S. I’m Canadian too! Ontario!

    1. Thanks Faye, as you can tell I’m not a totally great blogger, ha ha still working on it. Have was fun, but I wish I had been a little more prepared. If you want to start a blog you should totally do it! Thanks for stopping in, so nice to meet you! Wendy

  7. Congrats on the blog, Wendy. I blogged for a while about quilting etc then ran out of steam, but I am getting back into it. So much to learn! I am so excited I plan on going to BlogPodium in Toronto next month. I’m just afraid I might be the oldest there, not that I’m all THAT old. Now who’s crazy!!


    1. Hi Margaret, so glad you found me, I’d love to go to BlogPodium but not in the cards this year after Haven! Just read and left a comment on your blog, keep up the good work!

  8. Oh my gosh, Wendy! Just discovered your blog while on a quest to locate ASCP in Atlantic Canada. This is the funniest post ever!! Think I might need to take a road trip to check out your shop and all your painted pieces :)

    1. Would love to see you! My journey from maybe selling a few pieces of furniture to full fledge store has been surreal. Now my blogger stalker friends are real friends (that part is still surreal). Hope you can make to the shop some day! Follow along on Facebook – would love to meet you! Cheers Wendy

  9. Haha…just read this! Imagine if you never went to Haven????? Life would be sad…I would be sad! But I am sooooo proud of you my friend!!!!!

  10. I just met a new friend. U r so inspiring. I have looked @ the Haven conference and longed to go , um no I don’t have a blog and uhhhh yeah I’m crazy too. U r so brave coming down from canada. I feel like such a wuss I am in South Carolina abt 3 hrs drive from Atlanta and still scared to jump. Maybe next year.

    1. Just jump!! You should go next year, and if you do, let me know and we shall meet up! Start your blog – who knows what could happen!! When you do, please let me know! xx

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