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What A Difference a Year Makes

A year ago this month Lisa Casey and Tom Guitard took over Front Porch Mercantile Moncton. One year. Time flies. The day they got the keys (they are going to kill me for this one lol) If you are new around here you can catch up here.  Getting started I sold Lisa and Tom the…


A year ago this month Lisa Casey and Tom Guitard took over Front Porch Mercantile Moncton.

One year.

Time flies.

Tom and Lisa the new franchise owners of Front Porch Mercantile on the day they received the keys

The day they got the keys (they are going to kill me for this one lol)

If you are new around here you can catch up here. 

The New Front Porch Mercantile is coming along

Getting started

I sold Lisa and Tom the Moncton franchise (my baby) so I was able to move to Lunenburg NS to do my thing with Front Porch Mercantile there, continue my coaching and paint retailer training and work more closely with my paint brands. I haven’t regretted it for one single tiny itty bitty second. Although I’m still involved in the creative side of things, the direction of Front Porch Mercantile overall and the marketing etc, it’s Lisa and Tom that have taken Front Porch Mercantile Moncton and elevated it to the beautiful space it is today.

Lisa and Wendy the creatives behind Front Porch Mercantile

Lisa and Wendy

Lisa had a dream and a vision and took my “baby” and ran with it. They are raising that baby right!

They started with the foundation we built over the years and grew it what it is today. I am so grateful. I think Greater Moncton and our customers are too!

Lisa and Tom took a big gamble to pack up their lives in Toronto and move to Moncton to build a creative and new life in Moncton. I think we are all so inspried and grateful to them.

Tom and Lisa - owners of Front Porch Mercantile Moncton

Tom and Lisa on opening day of Front Porch Mercantile Moncton 2017

Lisa has created a beautiful welcoming store and is growing an amazing community of creatives, she has  fabulous workshops, offers full DIY services, custom painting services, hosts fun events in store, is amazingly knowledgeable and has kick butt staff and truthfully, it’s just a joy to wander and shop in the Moncton store. There is always something new and beautiful and inspiring.

Front Porch Mercantile

They continue to carry only quality Canadian DIY paints and they have the knowledge and customer service to help you pick just the right one for your project. Lisa excels at customer service and creativity oozes out of her pours, she’s a natural with colour and has the most amazing style and eye. Truly an amazing creative with the ability to inspire you to confidently make, paint and decorate your own space.

Workshops at Front Porch Mercantile

Front Porch Mercantile Moncton

beautiful inspiration from Front Porch Mercantile

We as a team cannot begin to thank our customers old and new for their continued support, word of mouth sharing, the kind words, and shopping with us. Without our loyal amazing customers, there would be no Front Porch Mercantile creative community. For that we thank you.

I still can’t believe it’s been a year. Time flies, yet it seems like it’s been forever because it’s so beautiful and perfect and Lisa is 100% in her element.


Front Porch Mercantile in Moncton New Brunswick

Opening Day 2017

Lisa didn’t want any fanfare for the 1-year mark of their taking over, she didn’t want to confuse everyone with the anniversary of Front Porch Mercantile, but, heck, we need to celebrate their success!

The Front Porch Mercantile Team

The amazing Front Porch Mercantile Moncton team, Becky, Tom, Lisa, Lise

Thank you all for your continued support of Front Porch Mercantile, online and in our stores, we truly appreciate you all! If you are in the hood, drop into the Moncton shop and say congrats to Lisa and Tom, give them a hug or high five, or leave a comment for Lisa and Tom here, tell us your favorite thing about the Moncton shop!

Thanks as always for popping in, be sure to tell us how we can inspire you to make, paint and decorate!



ps..have you been to the store lately? There has been a lot of changes – drop in and see!!!

visit Front Porch Mercantile next time you are in Moncton







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  1. Yes excellent customer service in Moncton from Lisa and her staff. I came over from PEI and they were so knowledgable and helpful in all areas. Loved the whole experience. Love the store.

  2. Cingratulations are in order to Tom and Lisa and their entire team, way to go and continued success. Perhaps some day you will make it back here and drop in and see us (now retired) in Collingwood. I have so many fond memories of us all working in numerable trade shows all across our wonderful country. It is wonderful to see you so happy and enjoying life and career in Moncton. All the best my friends and of course especially on this day the 17th of March, Slainte.

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