A beautiful cottage by sea, built with re loved and re styled and painted furniture

Look What THEY Did – Showing off a creative customer

Showing off one of my customers beautifully creativity inspired cottage by the sea, this cottage is filled with love, re loved and re purposed and painted pieces. Its a beautiful seaside cottage.


I’m so in awe of my customers and their creative endeavours.

Seriously inspired.

A beautiful cottage built with love using re loved and re purposed pieces, lots of MMS Milk Paint, Fusion Mineral Paint and FAT Paint and loads of creativity and love

I thought it was time to show off one of my creative customers. I met Sheila 3 years ago when I opened my little shop. She attended a workshop and has been a loyal and regular customers since then. At the time, they were just starting the build process of their beautiful cottage in Waterside NB.  It has been a pleasure watching Sheila and her hubby Mark build and create their beautiful dream cottage and watching all the beautiful creative bits and pieces of painted furniture that has made their cottage so beautiful and relaxing. I love that used and reused pieces they had and found. In every room and corner of this cottage you can see their creative hand.  I’m so inspired by Sheila and her hubby Mark, they are just both so incredibly creative and have built a beautiful family cottage.

Sheila graciously agreed to an interview and Mark who is an amazing photographer took these amazing pictures for us. If you would like to find out more about Marks photography, you can check out his website here. Grab a coffee, put your feet up and be ready to be inspire. This is one amazing space.

“How long have you been using diy paints to paint your own furniture?”

I have used some form of paint for 20+ years for crafts,stencilling, etc, but it wasn’t until 2012 when we were building our cottage and I had to furnish it with a minimal budget that I discovered the world of painted furniture. I started looking around at how to re-purpose furniture. I discovered MMS paint and then found out you had just opened a shop and were going to do a workshop. It was providential.

I'm in love with the use of colour and style in my customers kitchen see full blog post at Front Porch Mercantile
I’m in love with this kitchen and the use of colour and style, and the combination of re loved and new pieces. The cabinets are painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Laurentien
Painters and creatives always have brushes at hand
Painters and creatives always have brushes at hand
This cottage kitchen is full of smart and creative re loved and repurposed pieces for a great looking kitchen
This cottage kitchen is full of smart and creative re loved and repurposed pieces

“What is your favourite piece(s) that you have painted?”

The pieces that I love the most are the ones that have a big transformation when they are painted. I still like the dresser I used as a vanity in the bathroom – it was the 1st piece I did with milk paint. It was a frustrating and learning experience. I almost gave up on it but it turned out nice in the end.

This gorgeous piece was painted with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint and turned into a gorgeous vanity
Beautiful Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Painted dresser turned into vanity, and check out that stencilled floor – swoon

Beautiful MMS Milk Painted piece

“Were you nervous to start painting or confident about getting going?”

I wasn’t too nervous to start painting since I had tried different mediums and crafts where paint was involved before. I was nervous about ruining a piece and getting the piece ready to paint ( stripping, fixing loose ends ,etc). I know it’s just paint but it was worth money to me too since I was trying to save money by repurposing furniture.

This piece was re loved with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint
Re loved with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
Beautiful map decoupaged and MMS Milk Painted piece
gorgeous milk painted and decoupaged dresser
MMS Milk Paint and creativity were used to finish this dresser and great desk in the sons room
MMS Milk Paint and creativity were used to finish this dresser and great desk in the sons room

This desk was inspired by a desk Sheila saw in this book by Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies

A gorgeous bedroom in the cottage
A gorgeous bedroom in the cottage

You can order the whale pillow here

So many beautiful touches in this New Brunswick sea side cottage
beautiful personal touches in this New Brunswick seaside cottage This cutout came from a PEI artist Follow Your Heart Woodworking you can find her here

“Where do you get your ideas for your pieces?”

Ideas come from everywhere! Magazines, blogs, catalogues, stores, Pinterest, Front Porch Mercantile :)

beautiful cottage inspired by nature



 “Do you have any projects that you are dying to get to? Whats stopping you?”

I don’t have any projects I’m really dying to get to right now, the cottage is pretty much full. My house was full of everything I was collecting to go in there so we can breathe again in the house. If I had my choice I would still love to have a garage full of furniture to paint! One of the last pieces I did at the cottage had been bugging me since I took it there but needing pictures forced me to do it and the family says it fits in much better now. I just needed the extra incentive to do it.

beautiful painted pieces throughout this cottage

Stencils used on the fabric are available at Front Porch Mercantile

Beautiful artwork everywhere
Beautiful artwork all around

The blue heron canvas is available here

“What inspires you?”

Generally what inspires me is to make something that is aged or worn into something more becoming. The view I see at the cottage though is what inspired me to do the pieces there.

Hand painted signs highlight this beautiful cottage on the Bay of Fundy
beautiful hand painted vintage signs in this Bay of Fundy cottage

“How did you pick your colours/pallet?”

I picked colours to reflect the view, we have wild meadow and trees behind us, marshland in front, the Bay of Fundy beyond that and of course big beautiful sky. Lots of coastal and neutral colours. I have a theme in each bedroom so it was fun to pick colours based on that as well.

Picket fence headboard and beautiful fun pillows
The daughters room is beautiful with picket fence headboard and fun pillows (some available HERE)
Beautiful cottage bedroom decor
the picket fence headboard was found in this original colour, the cottage owners daughter helped put the headboard together and decide on finishing touches in her room, I think she did an amazing job (did you see the tree branch curtain rod??) love it all

stunning views and beautiful use of colour in this sea side cottage

Stunning master bedroom using re loved and re styled decor, paint changes everything
beautiful Master Bedroom…the license plates are each from the year each of the owners were born…love little touches like that!

master bedroom with great up cycled and re loved pieces

Painted furniture and beautiful re claimed pieces abound in this sea side cottage
Beautiful painted furniture and reclaimed pieces in the dining area



Stencilled flooring and shower curtain are just amazing touches
fabulous stencilled shower curtain and flooring

“What is your favourite thing about the cottage?”

I think the view is our favourite thing at the cottage. It is very inspiring but it is hard to get any work done some days, We just want to sit and drink in the view. We are very blessed. I am also very proud of all the work we did on the cottage ourselves so knowing that I helped put up drywall and put in insulation makes it more meaningful to us.

Beautiful Waterside Beach Cottage
vintage look sign hand painted frames the beautiful view perfectly

Beautiful Waterside Beach cottage

A beautiful view sits in front of beautiful re loved furniture
Re loved with paint and drop cloth seat covers this furniture sits in front of a beautiful view
Beautiful cottage makeover
Beautiful in any season

Congratulations Sheila and Mark on such a wonderful job building this special place and on your use of your creativity to re love and re purpose your decor, and thank you for letting all have a peek inside! Can’t wait to see what your next project is.

I hope you are all as inspired by this cottage and creative couple as I am. Thanks for popping in!





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  1. What a beautifully done cottage! I love the Hudson Bay blanket, we had one when I was a kid and remember how I love to wrap myself up in it. Thanks for sharing Wendy

  2. Beautiful cottage! Well done. I’m still planning my décor for our new home in Bridgewater next year (retirement). Saw some great ideas there. Wendy from Moncton

  3. Simply beautiful !! Such talent and creativity displayed in every corner … Then to have the wonderful Bay of Fundy to grace it all.. Truly blessed… Thank you so much for the lovely post…

  4. What a incredibly beautiful cottage ! I feel very grateful to have had an opportunity to see the amazing results of all of the talent and energy that these folks have lavished on this beautiful space. Love the colors and all of the wonderful projects and what a view…..we are renovating our kitchen at our cottage this spring so seeing their ideas was inspiring. I wondered what color they used on the kitchen walls and what the wonderful blue sheet vinyl flooring was. We are not finding many floor patterns that we like other than a Tarkett sea grass pattern…

    1. Hi Nancy, they painted the cement floor, I will ask about colour, and the wall colour is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, I used it in my beach cottage bedroom and today we just picked up a gallon for my office in the nova scotia cottage lol, love that colour!
      They did an incredible job didn’t they?!

      1. It is definitely a fabulous job…I so admire all of the work they did….thanks for the color update….love the color too.

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