Vintage Postcard Blocks

Easy to make vintage post card blocks

Vintage postcard blocks? Easy peasy!

Easy to make vintage post card blocks

Looking for a last minute craft idea? We gave you some ideas last week, here’s another creative craft that is easy and fun to do. These vintage postcard blocks make a great gift or a sweet decor for yourself. You can use this this technique in many other applications too! So many possibilities! You can make a few of these in just an hour or so. Easy and quick!

All you need for this project is the following:

Vintage Postcard Blocks

Wood scrap blocks, any size, just format your pictures to be about the same size

Vintage Pictures (we just checked various sources online, Graphics Fairy etc and other free printables and had them printed on linen paper at our local Staples store, you can also use regular paper and your own printer) How To make vintage postcard blocks

We like to use FAT Paint

Paint Brush – we like to use Cling On brushes

Another brush – chip brush or foam for Transfer Gel (from dollar store etc)

Fusion Transfer Gel available at our Moncton location or here online

Sandpaper (I like this type )

FAT Paint Clear or Patina Wax or other wax, such as Miss Mustard Seed’s Wax available in our stores or online here

Here’s How to Make Your Vintage Postcard Blocks

Paint you block in your favourite FAT Paint colour

1 coat should do it!

After your paint dries, take your Fusion Transfer Gel and “paint” it on one side of your block

Also, paint it on the back side of your picture

Place the picture on the block and using your fingers, or using a credit card edge make sure all the bubbles are out of your picture and it is laying flat.

Wipe away any excess Fusion Transfer Gel

Let dry, then lightly sand allover with a high grit sand paper, distress if wanted.

Finish your block with Fat Paint Clear or Patina wax.

Vintage Postcard Block

Stand back and enjoy!

Vintage Postcard Blocks How To

(these are from my last workshop)

See…easy peasy!

Have fun getting all those last minute projects done for the Holidays!

Remember all these supplies are available at our Moncton NB location 179 Bonaccord Street in Moncton NB, and there are FAT Paint retailers all over North America for your convenience. Find them here.











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