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Creating, Growing and Changing in 2020 – Back to Blogging

Some fun changes coming to the Front Porch

Hello Friends! I’ve been quite on the creative blog front here at Front Porch Mercantile for awhile. That’s about to change… Bear with me on this post…there is a purpose – pinky swear. To catch you up if you are newer around here..or it’s been awhile lol Way back in 2012 Front Porch Mercantile started as a creative lifestyle blog, I shared some DIY projects, paint projects, our adventures and life happenings and inspiration from my little creative world.

A fat story thin…

Fast forward, and making a fat story thin…..that lifestyle blog inspired a trip to a blog conference, then a paint studio, then I started carrying paint lines, a fabulous amazing creative retail business with crazy awesome inspired customers, teaching 100’s of workshops, painting of lots of furniture, offers of positions for me with several paint companies as a consultant, coach and teacher and speaker within the creative industry, which became a new creative business and direction for me as a coach and mentor to creatives business owners all over the world. Phew. It wasn’t a straight line. But, that’s some of the highlights along the way. I was “doing it all” at one point. Crazy. 🤪 So, some big scary but awesome changes took place, the Moncton location of the retail business was franchised to my amazing friends Lisa and Tom, the “big front porch” house sold, we ran away from home to live in a crooked cottage by the sea and build a creative life, lots of fun creative things also happened in between. 😊

Some fun changes happened…

Front Porch Mercantile Moncton was franchised to our very good friends and amazing creatives Lisa Casey and Tom Guitard. What Lisa and Tom and the Front Porch Team are doing in Moncton is nothing but amazing, workshops, amazing creative products in store, exceptional service, Lisa is adding some amazing new home services and more BIG fun things coming later this month. A huge amazing growth in customers for Lisa and Tom (maybe that’s you?). I think the world of them. I run Front Porch Mercantile in Lunenburg, NS and have a small DIY studio by the sea and my days are spent now working WITH other creative shop owners all over the world as a coach helping them build their own retail businesses with coaching, mentoring, retreats and more. (If you are a creative shop owner, you can check that out HERE).

Life got really busy as a creatives coach, so some changes…

My business as creative mentor and coach has been pretty consuming, and fulfilling, so we’ve made a few changes. First up, I noticed the creative stuff has taken a back burner and I missed it. I want to change that. I’ve missed prioritizing creativity and sharing all the DIY adventures and creative fun I share with my Mr, aka East Coast Photo Guy , aka (many of you used to call him) Mr. Front Porch Mercantile. So, my friends, as we dip into 2020 I’ve reviving the Front Porch Mercantile Blog. Slowly. Imperfectly. I will be sharing creative inspiration, cottage updates, featured DIY projects, featuring guests creatives, how to’s and more. We have some fun surprises coming too, including creative retreats, a revamped online shop and more. I would love to know what you would like us to share. Watch for all things creative, a slice of life from our creative life, living creatively, cottage living, stories about living life in a crooked cottage by the sea, about running away from the big life and home and sharing how we are building a life by design not default and a little paint splatter in our hair. I’m constantly being asked to share more about our creative retreats and travel, to share my Mr’s photography, how we live life as creative business owners, many have asked how we downsized our entire life and more, so who knows where this will lead. Here is my Mr. and I after a big painty day in the studio here in Lunenburg. Paint in our hair, messy studio, tired and still laughing. How we roll. John and Wendy from Front Porch Mercantile building a creative life by the sea For creative business owners looking for my growing creative business services, I will continue to offer the retail BUSINESS “stuff” for creatives over on my business page HERE. Front Porch Mercantile will be a place for us to celebrate our creative lifestyle with you. I hope you will stick around and follow along our adventures. Another change this year, this one was hard decision, but sometimes we have to step away from 1 thing to grow another –  I will no longer be selling products at our satellite location in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. We’ve had our paints there for 6 years, so it will be strange for us not being there. I will have Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint available in our online store and through my studio by appointment for the time being. More details on that coming soon. And MORE fun news coming up for Front Porch Mercantile Moncton too –  Lisa and Tom have a big and really great announcement coming up soon and, note they will be closed for some exciting renovations Feb 29th to March 6th. Watch for an announcement coming in the next week or so from us on the Moncton store happenings. Don’t forget.. they will be closed for renovations February 29th – March 6th, 2020!  Follow Lisa’s IG account for Reno updates here. closed for renovations at Front Porch Mercantile So there you have it, the first blog post for 2020. We’re currently working on 2345 projects around this crooked cottage, so watch for some update blog posts soon. We’ll be sharing how we are refreshing our super tiny master bedroom with some paint and creativity next…watch for that up next. I hope your 2020 is off to a great creative start like ours is, thanks for being here! xo Wendy ps…. If you would like, you can follow my Mr’s FB page HERE if you’d like to see some of his photography. pps… tell us what you’d like to see us share…we’d love to know.

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