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 I’m Wendy and original chief creative here at Front Porch Mercantile. 7 years ago I started documenting my DIY adventures and painting projects on this blog, and then was inspired to open our first retail location in Moncton NB. Fast forward LOADS of awesome customers and followers later, workshops and painted pieces, blog posts and Front Porch Mercantile is back to being a blog and online shop. 

 On the blog, I gab about cottage living and renovating on real-life budgets along with painting, lots of painting, making and decorating. I’m joined by my Mr, who is an outdoor photographer and together we are building a creative life filled with simple pleasures and adventures.  We will be sharing lots of tips on how we sold everything we owned and ran away from home to live a creative life by the sea and more.

We still paint but much of my time is also spent coaching creative shop owners over on my coaching site.

We LOVE our creative followers and Front Porch community and truly believe everyone has a creative side. It’s our mission to inspire you to love (or re-love) your home affordably and help you “imagine the possibilities”, whether that’s by inspiring you to pick up a paintbrush, redecorate your home or tapping into your creative abilities!



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