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I’m always asked by customers, fellow retailers and DIY’ers about my favourite DIY tools so I have compiled a list of some of my favourites, links, and resources over the years that I would recommend and stand behind 100%. Hopefully, this list will be a helpful reference as you navigate your DIY journey!

Having the right tools can make a huge difference in your painting and DIY’ing!

Can’t live without DIY Tools in our workshop

5-inch Rotary Sander

No DIYer should be without a rotary sander, we love this one. After several inexpensive ones, we like this one best. Be sure to buy one with a dust collector.

My favourite DIY tools from Front Porch Mercantile

HomeRight Sprayer Finish Max Sprayer

Hands down out favourite sprayer. I’m somewhat lazy and hate cleaning sprayers, this one is easy to clean and has great control. You can find info on it here.

My Fav DIY tools

Dewalt Drill

I love this drill because it’s lighter than most so it’s easier for me to handle.

Our favourite DIY Tools


Just . No other brand seems to work well for me.

Our favourite shop DIY tools




Always buy good quality sandpaper, inexpensive sandpaper tears and doesn’t sand smooth.It’s a much better value to buy quality sandpaper.

Our favourite DIY Tools

Rolling stool

Ok, this is not a “tool” but I LOVE my rolling stool, it saves my back and I would miss it if I didn’t have it in my shop.

My stool is covered in paint but is similar to this one.

Our favourite DIY tools


Magnetic Brush Holder

I LOVE to hang my paint brushes on a magnetic knife/tool rack, I bought mine at Lee Valley Tools, but they are available at Ikea and other kitchen stores and on Amazon here.


Cling On! Brushes

Hands down my favorite brushes for Milk Paint, Acrylic, and Chalk Style paints. You can buy them on our website here.

Beautiful Cling On! Paintbrushes at Front Porch Mercantile


Favourite Resources Books/ Training

I love this ebook from my friend Danielle, it’s a great resource for those looking to up their painting game.

Looking for a great resource for painting furniture this is it


I will add a power tools section soon, Mr Front Porch Mercantile has a workshop full of great tools, I’ll share those soon.

Happy painting and DIYing!