Customer Spotlight – Meet Tracy

May Customer Spotlight - Meet Tracy

Tracy has been a long time customer and first came to Front Porch Mercantile when we were located in Lower Coverdale.

Tracy has attended workshops, demonstrations, has attended almost every event we’ve hosted and she has used all of our paints at some point. (I think her workshop supplies rival ours!)

She is filled with ideas and creativity, but I think was hesitant at first to get started.

Tracey has become a regular at Front Porch Mercantile for years, and it’s been a joy to meet her sisters, mother and hubby and now new baby. We’ve been happy to help with ideas for her wedding plans and new baby girl’s room. We love building relationships with our clients, we feel like part of her family. :)


Customer Spotlight Front Porch Mercantile

I asked Tracy a few questions about her experience painting.

How long have you been painting?

I’ve been painting for four years now.

How did you gain the confidence to get started, were there any fears about starting your first piece?

I’ve always loved colouring, painting, crafting as a child. You could always find me either at my grandfather’s workbench or hunkered down on the floor with my supplies in my childhood home so when I heard of your shop I immediately knew this was something for me so to answer your question I really didn’t have any big fears. Having you mentoring me and learning about all the paints and tools really made it easy. The only fear I would say I had is hoping it would turn out right because I am such a perfectionist lol.

Customer Spotlight Front Porch Mercantile

What is your favourite paint to work with and why?

I love all three kinds of paints. I would say I use Fusion the most because the colour I would often be going for is in that line. I also like how it has a built in top coat. But I am a huge fan of (Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint) Curio as a stain and I do use FAT Paint chalk style paint on my pots and chairs for outside. I like how they have vibrant colours.

What was your most favourite project you completed?

I can’t just pick one piece. I have about 14 pieces that are in our home that I have done plus other projects like a planked wall and I love everything lol. If I have to choose I would say maybe Lydia’s dressers or the dresser and side table I just redid in the spare room.

Anything else to share?

Painting has become a real hobby of mine. I’m lucky to have a husband who likes to fix things up and build things so I can paint.


Thank you, Tracy, we love watching re-love your whole home piece by piece with paint and creativity!.

We love having Tracy in our Front Porch Mercantile community and thank her for sharing her creative journey with us.

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Customer Spotlight, email us (wendy at frontporchmercantile dot com) with your story and pictures and will be randomly choosing and featuring one customer a month to share.

As always, thanks for popping in, we so appreciate you all!


Wendy and the Front Porch Mercantile Team

May Customer Spotlight - Meet Tracy








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Wendy, John + Front Porch Lifestyle