Welcome Friends!My orange logo is almost like Outback Petticoat rom Miss Mustard Seed

 Front Porch Mercantile is made up of 3 awesome pieces for you!


HIS Stuff: John Batten’s professional photograhy business East Coast Photo Guy – capturing the natural beauty of the East Coast and more!

HER Stuff: Wendy Batten’s creative business coaching at wendybatten.com –  coaching shop owners to fullfilling business and

THEIR Stuff – Together, John and Wendy’s lifestyle blog, Front Porch Lifestyle – sharing life of 2 empty nesters who ran away from it all to live a creative and fullfillinf life by the sea. Follow along for lifestyle, DIY, encouragement and inspiration to live the life you want now!

A little about how this all started…

Wendy started the blog in 2012 when her daughter told her she needed a hobby other than her. True story!

Wendy was a DIY and paint guru. A natural encourager and a creative soul, Front Porch Mercantile started as a blog, morphed into a thriving creative retail business and is back to DIY and lifestyle creative blog and online shop when Wendy became a full time business ccoach for shop owner, and now, also back to blogging with with John in on the fun too.

Together, they share DIY shenanigans here on the blog.

Long time real life DIY’ers and entreprenurs, they can’t remember not being into DIY or living their life on their own terms. They bought their first house on a shoestring budget and just made do with DIY. The rest was history. They thought..

In 2012 they had a crazy dream to buy a fixer-upper cottage by the sea – to someday – maybe – retire into!

Well…thats where another journey began!

Fast forward and they decided WHY WAIT? As empty nesters, they sshocked family and friends, sold everything they owned – and moved to a tiny fishing village and a crooked old cottage by the sea to follow their passions – John as a photographer, Wendy as a retail and business coach to shop owners all over the world.

Together, they are fixing up the old cottage by the sea and building a creative happy life with hope to inspire others to build their own life by design – not default and to imagine the possibilities!

Why wait for retirement?

Stop delaying your great life. You can create the life of your dreams now!


So there you go…

We will be back to blogging full time in May 2021 and can’t wait to share our shennigans!

We’re working daily to get the site cleaned up and ready for you…

So welcome to our Front Porch Lifestyle blog, if you are new around here – we’re excited to meet you!

xo Wendy and John



Partnerships + Collaborations

HEY YOU! Is your brand the perfect fit for a partnership or collaboration with us? We’d love to chat! If you’re interested in working with us, make sure to send us a message at wendy (at) frontporchmercantile (dot) com

We would love to chat about working with you! If you are interested in working with us.
We also will be offering advertising space on out blog, if we are a right fit of course. Email for pricing and availability.

Please note, we do not accept guest posts from businesses for payment.

I hope to partner with you soon!

 Thanks for stopping in, I sure hope you will stick around!